The twenty-first century Food Chain


Before the turn from the twentieth century, there is little quarrel concerning the nutritious quality of food. Vegetables and fruit were grown on organic, fertile soil. Natural fertilizers were utilised, sprays and insecticides were unknown and natural biological methods were utilised to safeguard crops against insect invasion. Artificial hgh were unknown. Refined products were rare and eaten like a luxury through the minority of people. Foods were free from chemical additives, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors plus they were eaten fresh. It was prior to the evolution of genetically modified foods (GMF) for example canola oil and modified scented soy, food irradiation, and also the junk food phenomenon.

Go forward to 2013 and it is now a dramatically different food chain landscape. Think about the below points of interest which are now commonplace as well as an recognized a part of most peoples diet profile:

• Over 60% from the supermarket “food” aisles provide packaged, high sugar, high-fat, nutrient-deficient food that is not necessary inside a healthy, well-balance diet.

• Fuel stops/gasoline stations contain only unhealthy foods choices – nearly all these shops are stocked just with a range of chocolates, crisps, sodas, juice, packaged snacks, high-fat and sugar “fresh” food e.g. meat pies, donuts, chocolates, etc.

• Sodas really are a staple fluid substitute – the US Military provides cans of soda on their own warships.

As hard as mankind attempts to skew natural span of human health future, Nature has corrective backup measures already in position. Every 3 months a brand new bloodstream stream is made in your body by what food you’re eating, the liquid you drink and also the air you breathe. Every 11 several weeks there exists a new group of vast amounts of cells and each seven years there’s an entirely new group of bones and difficult tissue. Bodies are constantly rebuilding itself.

This unique ability for the body to rebuild itself provides for us the chance, to some extent, to turn back damage made by bad lifestyle habits and poor diet. The earlier you are making the modification for that better, the greater chance you’ve of not doing any permanent harm to your metabolic process and defense mechanisms.

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