Poker – The Sex Strategy


Poker is really a fight from the mind, heart and – just maybe – who got probably the most sex within the last week. Poker went from cowboys in Texas, to gangsters in Vegas and today to a different variety of callous online geeks. Consistent with this tradition of bravado, I wish to discuss a texas holdem strategy which has received rather less coverage than implied odds and the strength of position. That’s, that the active sex existence should not be looked at an additional bonus should you win the tournament cash except rather sex should clearly be an essential pre-game technique for any serious poker player searching to squeeze additional juice from his lengthy run EV.

The mind is the most significant poker weapon and one method to view it would be to view it as only a bio-chemical soup – electrified. Sex is a vital component to keep this soup perfect. Without going an excessive amount of in to the Darwinian / Freudian psycho babble – sex calms your brain, increases testosterone levels and releases endorphins. Put one other way, a sexed up poker player involves the table having a mind obvious, using the aggression levels to dominate the abstaining and enough natural happy drugs to accept swings.

Evidence in the sex professors signifies, that sex increases testosterone and that abstinence can dangerously drop testosterone levels. Dr. Emmanuele A. Janni, a professor of Endocrinology, told National Geographic that “after three several weeks without sex … testosterone dramatically dropped to levels near to children’s levels”. Abstinence from regular sex could be harmful for just about any poker player.

Evidence in the poker pros can also be in support of sexing up before poker. In Ace around the River, Craig Greenstein explains:-

“For those who have sex prior to going to rest, you most likely could be more rested and fewer distracted whenever you play. Therefore, a partner who travels with you may be a large asset. Theoretically, in case your partner is not along with you when you are with an extended poker trip on vacation a comparatively steady substitute provides you with an aggressive advantage”.

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