How To Choose A Coffee Grinder


While many of us like the convenience of using Nespresso compatible coffee pods for our morning coffee, sometimes, we like to slow things down a bit and grind and brew our own coffee. If that’s the case, then you are going to need a coffee grinder.

You probably already know that there are two common types of coffee grinders available – blade grinders and burr grinders. The final decision when choosing a proper coffee bean grinder may come down to budget and other important factors.

How To Choose A Coffee Grinder

Blade Grinders- as the name suggests, this type of coffee grinder uses a blade to chop the coffee beans until they become fine. The longer the grinder operates, the finer the ground coffee would be. Blade grinders are usually cheaper than burr grinders. The downside is that blade grinders don’t give even or consistent results. This may have adverse effects on the quality and flavour of the coffee. On some models, the blades may overheat, especially if the grinder runs longer to get a finer grain. The high temperature during grinding may alter the flavour of your coffee.

Burr Grinders- burr grinders are sometimes called mills and they work differently compared to blade grinders. Burr grinders crush coffee beans between a moving wheel and hard surface. You can configure the fineness of the ground coffee by using pre-sets and it is easier to get more consistent results. Burr grinders are usually more expensive than blade grinders. However, they can be more difficult to clean and some models may clog easily.

When choosing a coffee grinder, you should prioritise on the quality of the grind and the final flavour of your cup. For most homeowners who just needs a cup each morning, blade grinders can give them an optimum freshness. There’s no reason for them to waste money on the more expensive burr grinder, if a blade grinder suits their requirement well. Blade grinders may give you inconsistent results, but they can still do an effective job. You may not get the best possible grind, but blade grinders should give you a decent-tasting cup. There are a few tricks when using blade grinders.

But, if you are looking for a consistently good cup of coffee, you should stick with Nespresso compatible coffee pods or organic coffee capsules.

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