How do you set up sip and paint?


There is a new wave of organizing Sip and Paint parties these days. These parties bring out your hidden innate talent of painting in a fun-filled way. With your close friends or with the total strangers you enjoy different types of companies while creatively expressive yourself on the canvas.

You might be wondering if it is possible to host such a party. And if yes, then how to set up Sip and Paint parties at your home.

Hosting Sip and Paint party

First things first- yes, you can host a sip and paint party at your home or any other location of your choice. And it would be really fun organizing the event as you can invite any number of guests in your party.

You can plan on different occasions like the kid’s birthday bash, old friends’ reunion parties, or a team meeting.

Now, the next one,

How to set up a sip and paint party

Well, though it does not require a lot of arrangements for a sip and paint party yet preplanning and arranging everything in advance would keep you relax during the party.

It is understood now that a sip and paint party would require a set up for the items related to sipping and painting. And to have fun with both of them together, we need to set-up a few workstations depending upon the number of guests.

Each workstation would have a work table and chairs. Arrange numbers of tables in such a way that 5-6 participants share one table. Arrange for chairs equal to the number of participants.

Setting up for the party

  • Arrange the tables and the chairs in such a way that everyone can sit or stand comfortably while painting and also can move freely while partying.
  • Cover the work tables and the floor surrounding the area with the neat table cloths.
  • Get the Easels equal to the number of participants.
  • Arrange for the Blank Canvas if there is an instructor. However, in case there is no guide, buy a pre-drawn canvas. 
  • Buy good quality paints and paintbrushes.
  • Put paint palettes holder between the canvases.
  • Put wine bottles on the table between the participants.
  • Also, arrange for non-alcoholic drinks as all the participants might not take wine. Besides, get enough water as well.
  • Prefer to have stemless wine glasses. Also, arrange for glasses to serve other drinks.
  • You can arrange for the basic snacks. You can also have an arrangement where the participants bring snacks with them and everyone shares with each other.

Final Words

So, this how you can easily set-up for a sip and paint party. We hope this information was helpful to you.

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