Horse Race Betting – Betfair, Should You Opt For Winners Or Losers?


Since 1990 whenever a computer whiz known as Andrew “Bert” Black developed we’ve got the technology that enables betting exchanges to operate the horse racing fans options have widened. Prior to the punter was limited on backing a horse with the idea to win or perhaps be second or third. The brand new exchanges altered everything.

Now a punter can choose whether or not to back a horse to win or lay it to get rid of. Many punters now concentrate on searching for losers instead of winners. Hard it’s should be significantly simpler. For example inside a 14 runner race there are only able to be one champion but you will see 13 losers. It may sound a bit just like a “no brainer,” but it’s less than that simple.

The disadvantage is one thing known as liability. Whenever you convey a bet using the bookmaker and provide him your stake money he concurs to provide you with normally significantly more in case your horse wins. Well whenever you lay a horse you’re serving as the bookmaker for an additional punter, the one that thinks the horse you’re lounging will win.

Whether it loses that’s fine, you’re able to keep his stake cash except whether it wins then you definitely pay him towards the agreed odds and i also your liability. If you have decided to lay the horse at 7. for £10 your liability is going to be £60.

Betfair doesn’t give credit so before you participate you need to deposit some cash to your account. The minimum stake permitted is £2 so if you’re considering lounging horses you may need a beginning bank with a minimum of £100 and preferably £200.

There’s little question the betting exchanges present an exciting chance for punters to create a make money from their wagers. Regardless of whether you be a backer of horses or somebody that lays a horse to get rid of you have to apply certain rules if you’re to become effective.

Among the big tips for Betfair success, aside from choosing the right horses is understanding how to control and make your bank. Never over extend your bank, never chase loses, never risk money that you can’t manage to lose.

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