Enjoying Scissors Cut Curry Rice Singapore Dishes


The magic of Scissors cut curry rice Singapore gravy is that it is an unique concoction of herbs and seasonings. In your plate of rice, you will see that the sauce are doubled layered. One is the braised dark dressing and the other is the curry. It is this powerful mix that produces the distinctive taste that makes everybody want for more! If you do not like spicy, you can do without with the curry. I’ll wager it’s equally as good.

So just how come I’m suddenly so infatuated with this curry rice? Maybe it results from the truth that it’s Scissors-Cut Curry Rice. I have Winston to thank for this. He brought me to the stall in assurance that I will certainly be very pleased. He states that it’s one of the innovating Hainanese curry rice stall. I have actually heard that they named their stall Scissors-Cut Curry Rice since they used to make use of scissors to cut the chicken chops. I assume it’s an innovative name as well as captures one’s attention.

A casual environment

Who says you can just obtain good food in chic dining establishments? Food is food is food. The only distinction is the mix of active ingredients (just how well they combine together, leading to a range of taste and aroma) as well as the product packaging.

Street food in my point of view, is merely food that is peeled to its base fundamentals. It’s naked, revealed for all to witness. The majority of the moment, it doesn’t look as charming as what you ‘d get in areas where you would certainly most likely be forking out 3 times as much. It’s done in the branding, advertising etc.

Occasionally the easier the food is, the a lot more glorious it has a tendency to be.

What are the highlights

The crucial highlights for the store are their pork and also chicken chop along with their braised dark pork or pork belly. Their deep-fried versions are minimal everyday and also get sold out quickly! The extremely unappealing looking dark pork over, is scissor cut to small bite dimension, therefore the “scissor-cut” in its store name. Being quite a pork lover myself, I would certainly say it is an out-of-the-world pork chop which no one can quickly reproduce, not even my own grandma! It permeates with taste of flavours that is skilfully worked into the meat and also yet not overwhelming.

Do not ever be confused by this platter of unsightly messy viscous rice. It possibly one of the most tasty Hainanese curry rice you ever before eaten. Trust me, it’s really excellent. This is called “scissor-cut curry rice” because the dishes were cut up right into bite-sized pieces with a big pair of conventional scissors. 

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