Cooking With CBD


Enhancing a person’s well-being has been so achievable these days, especially to the United Kingdom citizens, because of good reviews coming from the use of CBD products or Cannabidiol extracted from hemp plants. Studies confirm that it can ease chronic pains and depression/ anxiety by taking it in the form of hemp oil sprays or CBD capsules

Aside from the over-the-counter cannabidiol tablets and capsules, this amazing active ingredient comes in different forms: balm or oil for cooking.

CBD balms

Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, cannabidiol can be applied directly to the skin when made to balms and other essential oils. This, in turn, provides a warm and soothing action when applied to a part of the body experiencing pain. CBD balms in UK, when applied, send signals to skin receptors making the body feel relaxed and easy. It can also help in acne and wrinkle reduction because it also has anti-aging properties plus vitamins D and E, which are important in nourishing the skin. 

 CBD as cooking oil

Yes. Some CBD products are specially made for cooking, just like other cooking oil products available in the market. However, in trying to incorporate CBD into homecooked meals, a person must understand that too much heat might affect the oil’s active components. It may also affect the dish’s overall taste when used over direct heat, making it taste not very pleasant. It is advised to be used over low-heat recipes or infuse it in dips like vinaigrette partnered with your favorite salad. In this infographic by Love CBD, learn more about what you can do with CBD oils.

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