Brunch: A Brief History About This Meal


Going out for Sunday brunch is so common today that it is very easy and convenient to book a brunch catering northern VA service with just one call. Has brunch always been an American tradition and why is it so popular today? For those who have sipped on their Mimosas and Bloody Marys during brunch, you have British writer Guy Beringer to thank.

The Start Of Brunch

It may seem impossible to think of the day when brunch wasn’t an option, but before 1985 there wasn’t such a meal at all. The first mention of the word was from an article in Hunter’s Weekly written by Beringer called “Brunch: A Plea”. Beringer described brunch as a lighter, more cheerful Sunday meal compared to the usual heavy Sunday suppers of the time

Reaching America

It wasn’t until 1986 when a periodical named “Punch” published the article that brunch started to circulate all over England. However, Americans had to wait until the 1920s for this merged meal to arrive on its shores.

Chicago’s Role

Back in those days, Chicago was the intercontinental halfway point during long train rides. Wealthy socialites and Hollywood stars traveling across the country would stop in Chicago and look for a heavy meal late in the morning. Hotels such as the famous Pump Room at The Ambassadors Hotel (currently named The Public) offered brunches to cater to the rich and famous.

It was a popular option back in the day because most restaurants were closed on Sundays and the hotels were more than happy to accommodate hungry customers.

Day-Drinking Made Acceptable

What is brunch without a few glasses of mimosas today? During the 20s, day drinking was only acceptable for the upscale and higher class diners. With the prohibition during the 30’s mocktails were created to cater to men who wanted to drink despite the ban on alcohol. This is where Bloody Marys, a mix of tomato and clam juice was first created.

During the postwar ’50s, the middle class started to accept that a glass or two of alcohol during the day wasn’t too bad.

Hair Of The Dog

The then-popular mocktails mix of tomato and clam juice got a splash of vodkas and was served during brunch as a hangover remedy. Today, brunch doesn’t seem complete without this drink that packs a big punch.

Brunch Today

Popular media and countless tv shows have led to brunch being one of the most popular meals today. There’s no other late morning meal that stretches into the early afternoon where friends and family can enjoy filling breakfast food and delicious lunch options with a side of alcohol here and there than brunch!

What’s even better, brunch is no longer exclusive for Sundays. Today, brunch catering Northern VA services can set up at your home or office and give everyone a meal they will not forget any time soon. We all have the British high class and the American socialites to thank for this wonderful mashup meal. The next time you’re at brunch, don’t forget to raise a toast of your Bloody Mary to them!

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