4 Benefits Of Fair Trade Coffee


Fair Trade Coffee is a term used to identify coffee that has been ‘Fair Trade certified’. This means that the coffee meets International Fair Trade standards which regulate the system of producing and selling goods. Why is that important to your café business?

International Fair Trade standards ensure that the producer, workers, community, environment and consumers are fairly treated. It also ensures sustainability within the industry. Everything from the compostable coffee pods and organic coffee capsules your café uses, to the coffee beans themselves, can be Fair Trade certified.

International Fair Trade standards are more comprehensive than many other industry certifications which means that not only is Fair Trade coffee more expensive, but it is also higher quality. In fact, there are many significant benefits to Fair Trade coffee and we are going to take a look at some of them. Let’s get started:

The Benefits Of Fair Trade Coffee

Environmental Stability- International Fair Trade standards prohibit coffee growers and plantations from using toxic agrochemicals, such as pesticides and industrial fertilisers when growing and processing their coffee. Fair Trade coffee farmers must use sustainable and green methods, ensuring that the environment is preserved for future generations.

Fair Price- Fair Trade regulations do make coffee slightly more expensive because they create a base price for coffee products. Workers get adequate compensation and consumers are able purchase organic coffee capsules at fair prices.

Support Workers And Local Communities- Fair Trade standards ensure that workers receive a living wage. This means that they can make enough to pay for education, medical care, shelter and food. Some of the money spent to purchase Fair Trade coffee is invested back into the coffee growers’ local community. Local culture and customs aren’t affected by the cultivation and production of Fair Trade coffee and communities receive development initiatives for healthcare, housing, leadership training, women’s programs and education.

Better Flavour- Fair Trade coffee tastes better. Organic Fair Trade coffee is grown slower in a more sustainable manner without any harsh chemicals, pesticides or industrial fertilisers. Using green fertilisers, the soil is nourished with complex and complete nutrients which result in a smoother, more robust flavour.

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